Over 2.7 million Moroccan expatriates return home for summer holidays

Some 2.765 million Moroccans living abroad, mainly in Europe, entered Morocco this summer according to figures released on August 30.

Head of the Government Saad Eddine EL Otmani said in a tweet the number of Moroccans returning to their homeland in the summer increased 3.4% compared to last year’s summer season.

“This reflects a growing trust of the Moroccans of the world in their country,” he said.

Morocco’s diaspora is mainly based in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Most come by car to Morocco, which braces for the crossing of some 776,000 vehicles this year.

About 1.18 million Moroccans prefer to join their homeland during the summer via airports.

Moroccans living abroad are key to Morocco’s economy sending remittances that help boost the Kingdom’s foreign reserves.

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