Morocco Urges Africa Human Rights Commission to Address Violations Committed in Tindouf Camps

Morocco has called on the African Commission on Human Rights to address the flagrant human rights violations committed in the Tindouf camps in southwest Algeria.

The call was launched this week in Addis Ababa by Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the African Union and ECA Mohammed Arrouchi.

“The Human rights situation in member countries must be addressed on the basis of well-founded reports prepared by competent and credible institutions. Human rights should not be examined on the basis of allegations and counter-allegations”, stressed Mr. Arrouchi during the 38th ordinary session of the African Union Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC).

“The question that arises and that must be asked is what is the human rights situation of the people sequestered, imprisoned, locked, oppressed and deprived of the most elementary rights,” said the Moroccan diplomat.

The African Commission on Human Rights must therefore look into the serious human rights violations committed in the Tindouf camps, he added during the debates of the 46th activity report of the Commission.

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