King Mohammed VI: Notre-Dame Fire Affects Millions of Worshipers

King Mohammed VI has expressed heartfelt solidarity with the French people after Notre-Dame Cathedral was badly damaged by a fire caught on Monday.

The King sent a message to French President Emmanuel Macron, in which he expressed sympathy with the French people over the incident.

The King said he has been deeply moved by the news and expressed his full support and solidarity with the French President, on behalf of himself and on behalf of the Moroccan people.

The Sovereign expressed the same feeling of solidarity and support to the entire French people for whom the Paris Cathedral is a historical symbol, noting that “this disaster affects not only one of the most emblematic historical monuments of the city of Paris, but also a site of prayers for millions of worshipers around the world.”

A major fire ravaged Monday the French landmark monument, described by many as an architectural jewel of a collective memory, and the location of many great national and private events.

Muslims, Christians, and Jews from all over the world expressed solidarity with France.
It took 15 hours to the firefighters to extinguish the fire, whose cause is still unknown.

Several French billionaires and ordinary citizens vowed to contribute to rebuild the cathedral, a spiritual symbol for Catholics of France and from across the world.

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