Morocco’s OCP tasks Spain’s ACS with building two phosphorus plants

Morocco’s phosphates and fertilizer producer OCP and Spain’s ACS industrial group signed an agreement to build two phosphorus factories for a total cost of 2.7 billion dirhams.

The factories will be built in the OCP’s industrial hub of Jorf Lasfar with a production capacity of 5000 tons per day.

The two factories will be the largest sulfuric acid plants in the world and are expected to be ready in two years.

OCP has used Jorf Lasfar production plants as an export hub to Africa where the group intends to increase five folds its fertilizer sales.

Recently in Marrakech, OCP outlined its African fertilizer strategy, which aims at promoting the use of customized fertilizers and helping farmers access products to move from subsistence to commercial farming.

OCP, which has subsidiaries in some 12 African countries, is also planning production plants in Nigeria and Ethiopia.

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