Syria: Bashar al-Assad gives Baghdad green light to strike ISIS

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad has given authorization to the Iraqi Prime Minister to conduct airstrikes against Islamic State group (ISIS) fighters inside Syria as Baghdad seeks coordination between both countries in the fight against terrorism, reports say.
The green-light comes after Adel Abdul-Mahdi on Saturday sent a letter of Bashar calling for “coordination” on the fight against ISIS.
ISIS has had controlled vast swathes of territories of both countries. Iraq in December last year claimed victory over ISIS after three years of fierce fighting to flash out the terror group.
The Bashar regime has been embroiled in civil war since 2011 opposing it on one side with rebels and on the side with the militant group.
ISIS is believed on the demise in the Syria where US and ally forces have taking back its occupied land.
Last week, US President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of American forces from Syria where the American leader argued the U.S won the fight against ISIS.
Abdul-Mahdi in the wake of Trump’s decision suggested that Baghdad could forces into Syria in view of thwarting infiltration by ISIS militants.

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