Morocco to Deport Migrants having Assaulted Melilla Fence

Moroccan authorities have decided to deport to their countries of origin all sub-Saharan migrants who participated in the assault of a fence separating the Spanish occupied city of Melilla from Morocco Sunday Morning.

The decision was announced Monday by the Ministry of the Interior, which said the move is made in accordance with the laws in force.

On Sunday, some 300 migrants attacked the fence and 200 made it to the enclave in the jump over.

Public forces intervened to thwart this assault attempt and proceeded to the arrest of 141 illegal migrants, the ministry said in a statement, adding that 12 soldiers and a member of the auxiliary forces were wounded during this operation.

While trying to escalate the fence, one person fell from the top of the fence and died while 22 assailants were injured by barbed wire and transferred to the hospital to receive the necessary care, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

Following these illegal acts, the Moroccan authorities decided to extradite all the participants in the assault to their countries of origin, in accordance with the laws in force, the statement added.

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