King Mohammed VI Receives Daughter of Rif Resistance Leader

King Mohammed VI received in Tangier in Morocco’s Rif region Aicha the daughter of Abdelkarim El Khattabii who led a military and political resistance against the Spanish and French occupation.

Speaking to the press, Aicha thanked the King for his keen interest in the Rif region saying that the local population is aware of the beneficial impact of the efforts spearheaded by the Monarch on their living conditions.

She voiced hope for the release of the activists who were detained against the backdrop of the protests that erupted in Al Hoceima after the death of a fishmonger in late 2016.

The King delivered the Throne Day speech Sunday from Al Hoceima, a première in Morocco’s annals, as no royal speech was ever addressed from this city.

In his speech, the Monarch called for social and economic reforms in a climate of unity, security and stability.

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