Morocco Most Secure Country in North Africa- Gallup Report Says

Morocco was ranked the most secure country in the Maghreb, according to the Law and Order Index of the US Gallup Organization.

The Gallup poll found that 81% of Moroccans have confidence in their security forces compared to 79% in Algeria, 75% in Tunisia and 67% in Libya.

Mauritania came last with 63% in the index, which ranked countries by their level of confidence in local police, feelings of personal safety and incidence of theft/assault in the past year.

The report found that more than two in every three people (69 percent) worldwide say they have confidence in their local police and feel safe walking alone at night (68 percent).

The research also found that people in Latin America and the Caribbean are the least likely to feel secure in their communities.

Singapore tops the list in the Law and Order Index, ahead of Norway, Iceland and Finland. Hong Kong and Uzbekistan are joint fifth.

The index is based on interviews with close to 150,000 residents in 142 countries and areas. Respondents were asked about their confidence in the local police, and whether they had been recent victims of crime.

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