The SUN Uncovers Involvement of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in Support of Polisario

British paper, the SUN, wrote that Iran used its notorious military unit, the revolutionary guard Al Quds Brigade (IRGC) to train the Polisairo separatist group in their rear-base in Algeria.

“Ayatollah Khamenei’s elite Revolutionary Guards Corps is now believed to be training and arming the Polisario Front, an anti-Western rebel movement in Morocco,” the paper said.

Citing “reliable sources,” former Israeli ambassador to the UN Dore Gold told the paper that the Iranian extremist military unit “has now spread its tentacles into the Western Sahara conflict and is helping the Polisario.”

“It’s doing this via its embassy in Algeria, using it as a base,” he said.

“Iran believes it has to spread the Islamic revolution, and it’s been trying to do this ever since 1979,” he added.

Morocco severed ties with Iran which it accuses of facilitating an alliance betwen Hezbollah and the Polisario.

Morocco said Hezbollah, with help of Iran and Algeria, sent military experts to train Polisario separatists on guerrilla warfare and supplied them with surface-to-air missiles.

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