Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia Agree to Hold Periodical Meetings on Nile

A breakthrough has been reached by Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia in their long dispute over the distribution of Nile water as Addis Ababa nears completion of its $5 bln Grand Renaissance dam.

The three countries agreed to set up a scientific study group to examine the filing of the dam. They also agreed that leaders from the three nations will meet every six months for consultations.

Egypt fears the Ethiopian dam will impact its lion’s share of Nile water as it is confronted with increased consumption to satisfy the needs of its over 90 million inhabitants and agricultural sector.

Ethiopia for its part says the dam will help it increase rural electrification. Ethiopian officials also call for a review of the colonial era governing Nile water distribution giving upper hand to Egypt.

“There was a progress in the negotiations with our brothers in Sudan and Ethiopia,” Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el-Sissi said in televised comments late Wednesday. “The matter will consume efforts and time to reach an understanding formula. There was a breakthrough.”

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