Royal Palace Worth $150 mln to be Transformed into Luxury Resort in Agadir

Once a Royal Palace overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and laying at the foot of the Western High-Atlas mountains, the edifice will soon be turned into a landmark resort adding to the tourist attraction of Morocco’s second tourist destination, Agadir, Moroccan media outlets reported.

The palace, 20 km north of Agadir, was established by the late Saudi Defense Minister before being sold to the Emir of Qatar for 150 million dollars, who in turn presented it as a gift to King Mohammed VI in 2014.

According to Moroccan media, the palace is undergoing a face-lift to become one of the main resorts in Agadir.

The plan is to transform the palace -which stretches over a surface area of 45 hectares, including 37 hectares of green space- into a luxury hotel with a marina and a corniche as well as other tourist facilities.

The project will create job opportunities for the locals in the nearby village of Aourir and will add to the momentum witnessed in the Atlantic coast north of Agadir.

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