Moroccan Twin Sisters Win Awards for Electrical Engineering Projects in Montreal

Moroccan twin sisters, Ibtisam and Ikram Benzian, from Polytechnique Montreal, in Quebec, have been awarded distinctions for coming up with remarkable projects in electrical engineering field.

Ibtisam won the first prize for her research on “Continued Assistance System to Quadriplegics”. Her sister and roommate at the school Ikram ranked third for her research on “Measuring System of Soft Tissues’ mechanical properties”.

Philippe Bergeron, a Canadian student, was ranked second by the jury.

The two sisters have been studying in Canada on their own budget supported by their parents. They were celebrated during a ceremony organized by the University last August.

The two Moroccans said they were proud to collect awards at an international school, adding that the awards shine a light on the North African country at time some of its natives choose the path of radicalization and terrorism.

The first three winners have been sponsored to continue researches in their fields.

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