Moroccan-Spanish Security Partnership Based on ’Shared responsibility, Mutual Trust’- Morocco’s Interior Minister

Moroccan Interior Minister, Abdelouafi Laftit, highlighted that the Moroccan-Spanish security partnership is based on “shared responsibility and mutual trust.

In a statement to the press following a meeting in Rabat with his Spanish counterpart, Juan Ignacio Zoido, Laftit underscored the solid cooperation between the two countries in security issues.

He pointed out to the legal framework governing this cooperation with the signing of multiple agreements laying down mechanisms for joint action and sustained coordination.

Such cooperation enabled the dismantling of terrorist cells operating in the two countries, he said, adding that joint sea patrols are conducted between the navies of the two countries to fight drug trafficking.

Laftit also explained that he had “candid and serious” talks with the Spanish minister focusing on the threats posed by terrorism, illegal migration and organized crime.

He added that Zoido’s visit to Rabat is part of regular consultations between Morocco and Spain on issues of common interest.

Laftit who reiterated Morocco’s condolences on the terrorists attacks that hit Barcelona lately reaffirmed that a Moroccan team of security experts is contributing to investigations in Spain.

On the surge of radicalization among Moroccan immigrants, Laftit noted that the second and third generation of Moroccans living in Europe need special attention to insulate them from extremist ideologies leading to terrorism. In this connection, he pointed to the need to oversee religious discourse in mosques and be wary of extremist imams.

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