Morocco: Three Suspects Connected to IS Cell Busted in el Jadida Arrested

Three additional terrorist suspects reportedly connected to the seven-member Islamic State group cell dismantled in El Jadida, Salé and other localities late January have been nabbed.

The interior ministry Monday announced the arrest of the three men following investigations in the busted cell.

The suspects were pinned down at Martil and Boulaâouane close to the port city of El Jadida where other members were nabbed.

The men, according to the Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ), confirmed their involvement in plans to stage attacks in the kingdom.

The BCIJ late last month indicated that the cell was planning to attack foreign missions, public figures and security forces.

BCIJ forces recovered during search at the cell members’ hideouts a machine gun, seven revolvers, military vests, and locally made explosives.

The mastermind of the terrorist cell was according to the BCIJ in his twenties and maintained close coordination with commanders of the terrorist ISIS organization in the Syrian, Iraqi and Libyan fronts.

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