Morocco: Suspect linked to pro-IS cell dismantled in France arrested

Moroccan security forces Saturday announced the arrest of a suspect connected to a terrorist cell arrested in France last month, reports say.
The cell, affiliated to the Islamic State group (IS), was dismantled in Strasbourg, north-eastern France, mid-November. The five-man cell made of four French citizens and a Moroccan was planning to stage attacks in Paris region on December 1.
The suspect arrested in Morocco according Moroccan authorities was serving as liaison between the cell and some IS members operating on the Turkish-Syrian border. He reportedly received instructions from the terrorist group for one of the arrestees in France.
The North African country has emerged as one of the leading global counter-terrorism countries. Its open-ended clampdown of terrorist group’s members has put it on the list of must-attack countries of militant group.
The man who’s named has not been released sneaked into France via Germany after using a fake pass-port, the interior ministry noted.
Moroccan security authorities also announced on Friday they busted an IS-linked cell made of 8 members in the cities of Tangiers and Fez. The cell was active in sending recruits abroad where they receive military training before they return home to perpetrate attacks.

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