Morocco Urges World Leaders to Adopt Concrete Plans to Help LDC at COP22

Morocco is set on making COP22 a summit of action and concrete plans to help least developed countries, notably in Africa adapt and mitigate climate change effects, writes the UK paper the Guardian.

“As the host country for the COP22 climate change talks, which open in Marrakech on Monday, Morocco is determined to make this meeting the “African COP”, said the Guardian in an article signed by Celeste Hicks.

The author of the article went on to highlight Morocco’s efforts to share its own experience with other countries in the continent.

“Morocco wants to put the impacts of erratic weather patterns on agriculture at the heart of the discussions,” said Hicks, who was reporting from Midelt.

The author of the article also highlighted the continental initiative Adaptation of African Agriculture (AAA), which is one of the priorities of the Moroccan presidency during the COP22.

“Morocco believes its main contribution can be to persuade world leaders to sign up to a concrete plan of how to divide up the $100bn (£81bn) promised to support adaptation and mitigation projects in developing countries,” said Hicks.

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