Moroccan Khadija Hamouchi Building App for MENA Youth

High Tech inventor Khadija Hamouchi, a Belgian citizen of Moroccan origin, is developing an educational App named Sejaal for youth in the Middle-East and North Africa.

Last year, she received the African Entrepreneurship Award for her free web App. Now the 25-year old Moroccan inventor is attending the US Parisoma Accelerator Program to build a prototype of her App in San Francisco.

In a video posted in internet, Khadija introduces herself as a “female social entrepreneur, busy challenging the status quo of quality education in Middle Eastern and North African countries for the wellbeing of the youth of that region”

She says that “this is my life’s purpose and I am dedicated to it full-time, without any other source of revenue”, calling on “generous hearts and minds” to help her cover the expenses of attending the US Parisoma Accelerator Program to cost 12k$ for three months (airfare, rent and food/travel expenses.)

But this will enable her showcase Sejaal to the most powerful entrepreneurs and gain support for her App. She says that a large majority of young people aged 18 to 30 in the Middle East and North Africa suffer an unequal education system that has failed to educate, nurture, and upskill them in an attractive manner.

Sejaal is a free web-based mobile app that provides up-to-date learning content in Arabic, French, and English related to the five growing industries in the region to prepare the current generation to sustain the new economies (Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals, Banking and Finance, IT, Electronics and Communications, Government/ Civil services/ Utilities, Education/ Academia.)

The App plans to function like a social media with a common wall of quality learning content provided by many existing platforms, which is internally channeled, aggregated, and distributed through a thematic board menu.

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