Ford Launches Contest to Develop Taxi Sharing, Carpool Apps in Morocco

taxi-sharingFord is inviting developers of the world to participate at a contest that aims at creating apps and technological solutions focusing on making shared rides, whether on Taxi or a car, faster, safer and more cost and time efficient both for drivers and passengers.

Building on Morocco’s taxi sharing tradition, Ford calls on developers to come up with apps offering solutions to taxi drivers who frequently stop to pick up additional passengers even if there are passengers waiting in the back seat.

While underscoring the advantages of taxi sharing, Ford noted that it may be hard to find a taxi and that the ride may be longer than expected due to other passengers’ stops along the way or delay in filling seats. Riding alone is expensive as single riders are required to pay for the empty seats in the cab, the US carmaker said.

Therefore, participants in the contest should find solutions to help riders choose their taxi co-passengers as well as routes where they will be picked. They should develop apps that travel from the airport to the city and improve safety for women riders.

The contest prize is worth 30,000 US dollars and registration and submission of apps through a demo video is available until October 4, 2016 at the website.

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