Moroccan Police Mobilizes 10,000 Members to Ensure COP22 Security

police_MarocThe Moroccan police (DGSN) is preparing 10,000 of its members to ensure the security of the climate summit COP 22 which will take place on November 7-18 in Marrakech.

According to a proactive and anticipatory approach, the Moroccan police have selected 10,000 members from different police districts to undergo a training designed to reinforce their professionalism and responsiveness ahead of the global climate event.

The training was supervised by international experts and took place in the royal police academy in Kenitra, said local Akhbar Al Yaoum daily paper.

During the training, special attention was given to the use of sophisticated metal detection material as well as boosting alertness and rapid response to risks.

In tandem with strengthening police capabilities, authorities are planning to install surveillance cameras to bolster security measures.

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